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February 21st, 2010

You may notice a slight change to the layout of this site- I can’t sit quiet for a minute so I refined a few bits and pieces around here (again). I’ll still be using custom styles for some posts, just with a more streamlined layout.
Instead of a separate ‘About’ page, I stuck a brief ‘about’ piece behind the question mark on the top left of each page. I know, I know, totally unheard of use of Javascript, but there was no need for a separate page.
I had to shoehorn a lot of previous posts’ CSS to fit the new template, as I refined the modular system a bit more, to allow me to create custom pages even faster. This change then broke older posts.
I have a few more tweaks to make, but I’m getting closer to where I will be happy with this site.
Some more stuff to come really soon.

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I'm a web designer and developer for Pixelcode, based in Athy, Co.Kildare, Ireland.

Aside from creating stuff for the web, I screenprint, post short videos and read books.

This is my personal website, the opinions here are not necessarily that of my employer.

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