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October 28th, 2009

As it turns out, the way of doing things is not my way of doing things. Not long after setting up a Posterous account, things started to irritate me. Granted, Posterous has a great way of receiving all sorts of stuff via all sorts of ways but what I realised is that I write in iterations, I don’t just spontaneously publish things.
So, I had been meaning to get used to ExpressionEngine, so I thought I’d use it as my blog engine. I downloaded the EE core and some of Ryan Irelan’s screencasts (which were great to get started) and put together something similar to what is here now. Whereas Posterous gave me too little control and options, ExpressionEngine gave me huge amounts of control and options. I just wanted to write on a blog, ExpressionEngine definitely was overkill. The one thing that really stood out for me in regards to ExpressionEngine was the multiple blogs function. Really nice, but, again, overkill for my purposes.
In the end I went back to WordPress. WordPress is a dedicated blogging platform, so it is more suitable for my needs. I’m not exactly happy with the way WordPress does some things (the ‘Loop’ is a pain to manipulate) but all in all, pretty good. I’m looking forward to proceeding with writing.

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