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October 30th, 2009

As I was watching the abomination, that is Judge Dredd (the film) on Film4 tonight, I remembered I have a huge cache of 2000ad comics. Digging them out (they weren’t really buried, they hold a place of pride on my shelves) I remembered just how brilliant they were.
2000ad is a British comic, which has always been grittier than it’s American counterparts. I like a good story like the next guy, but what always drew me to 2000ad was the art (no pun intended).
So I am doing some research and taking some photos, and hopefully I’m going to produce a series of posts, each detailing a different artist who contributed to 2000ad about 10 years ago. When I have my plan in place, I’ll introduce the series of posts, hopefully five or six. Some of these artists are amazing and I hope they’re still working in the comics industry.

On another note, I think I have a subject matter for a new screen print. It has been a while and I am unbelievably excited about doing it, it’s going to be really great. I cannot stress this enough.

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